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The helicopter game is considered one of the first and most addicting online flash games ever made. Originally made by 'See Thru' it was one of the first online games to gain mass appeal and still remains one of the most popular flash games of all time. The game is very simple in both design and gameplay. You control a damaged helicopter and the goal is to fly the helicopter for as long as possible without crashing. Using the left button on a mouse makes the helicopter go up, and releasing it makes the helicopter go down.

The helicopter game is considered one of the first games to popularise 'one click games' meaning the player only has to use one button to control the game. The simplicity of the game could also be what has made it so popular even today, more than 10 years since it was first made. It has spawned many copies and imitations, most of which aren't considered to be anywhere near as good as the original.

Many newer games have been influenced by the helicopter game such as the extremely popular flappy bird.

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Helicopter Game.

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